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Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School hosts Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad

November 12

Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School hosted students from public, parochial and home schools for the Louisiana Elementary Math Olympiad on Nov. 12. Approximately 170 students from 27 schools participated in the event.

The Math Olympiad is a one-hour, paper-and-pencil test of multiple-choice questions. The test was developed by Kenilworth as a way to encourage participation in STEM studies.


Former State Department of Transportation and Development Secretary Sherri LeBas Firnberg, a Kenilworth alumnus, was the featured speaker. She is the vice president of business development for national engineering firm G.E.C.

Parents and others took part in workshops and lectures from LSU professors on topics such as national parks, the magic of science and the physics of barbecue, a news release said.


Home-schooled fifth-grader Julian Vertigan won top honors, scoring 45 of 58 points on the test, and received an iPad mini.

Other top finishers were Ryan Wilks and Alex Goza, both of Parkview Baptist School; Heepeom Shin, of Polk Elementary School; and Lyle Lai, of Shenandoah Elementary School.