The White House -- Washington
(Note to Kenilworth student Jalen Scott, who was a 2014 grand prize winner in an international science competition)

“I send my warmest congratulations on your achievement. As you reflect with pride on the resolve it took to reach this moment, I hope you will look forward to taking on new challenges with the same sense of passion and dedication. Congratulations, again, on this accomplishment. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.”
Sincerely, Barack Obama
President, United States of America

“I was pleased to hear that you received a Grand Award at the 2014 Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad. Please accept my congratulations on your achievement. Best wishes.”
Secretary Arne Duncan, U.S. Department of Education

“I applaud the award-winning robotics team from Kenilworth Science & Technology Charter School for their outstanding accomplishments in the 2010 Louisiana FIRST LEGO League Championship tournament. By earning first place in the overall performance category of the competition and being selected as the best rookie team of the year, these students have shown they are truly among Louisiana’s best and brightest. Congratulations, Alienbots – and keep up the good work.”
U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, Louisiana

“It’s always a pleasure to meet with Louisiana’s bright and talented students. I enjoyed my visit with members of the Kenilworth Science & Technology robotics team, and I wish them continued success.”
U.S. Senator David Vitter, Louisiana

“Congratulations on your recent selection to receive the Top Award for the best overall project at the Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad in Nairobi, Kenya. I encourage you to continue to carry forth the ideals that you have achieved in this great accomplishment.”
U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, 6th District

“Congratulations on receiving the Wangari Maathai Special Award for best overall project at the Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad in Nairobi, Kenya. Thank you for representing Louisiana so well in a global environment, and best wishes in your future endeavors.”
Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne, Louisiana

“I visited Kenilworth Science and Technology…I was very impressed with the presence at the school, and the environment was welcoming. The robotics team was quite impressive…The kids really seemed to like being at the school.”
State Rep. Patricia H. Smith, District 67

“Thank you very much for having me as a recent guest at Kenilworth. We truly enjoyed our visit. I was impressed with the cleanliness and upkeep of the campus, but especially the alertness and attentiveness of the students in each of the classrooms I visited. You seem to be doing something right by keeping them applied to their studies and being so interactive with their educators. I look forward to visiting your campus again soon.”
State Rep. Stephen F. Carter, District 68

“DEQ is always encouraged when schools like Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School promote environmental awareness and participation in the Environmental Leadership Program. These young people are tomorrow’s leaders, and through Kenilworth, they are learning to be good stewards of the unique environment we have in Louisiana. Congratulations on receiving the ELP School Achievement Award for Community Environmental Outreach.”
Secretary Peggy Hatch, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

“Thank you for showing me the tremendous information about your school. The data are truly impressive and demonstrate a serious effort to make a difference in the lives of children – the greatest contribution we can make to our community. Thank you.”
Pastor Raymond A. Jetson, Star Hill Church

“I was impressed with the quality of the projects and the enthusiasm the students showed. IBM is honered to be part of a community that supports students who show an interest in science and technology, and we share in the celebration of their accomplishments.”
Dima Ghawi, IBM

Dr. Eugene Kennedy, a board member for Kenilworth and Dr. Tevfik Eski, the superintendent of the school, received the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance’s (GBRIA) Craft Education Development Champion awards for their ongoing work to prepare students for tomorrow's high-tech workplace. The GBRIA recognizes and awards outstanding individuals who invest in the training and career path development of Baton Rouge citizens, young and old.

“My wife and I have visited hundreds of schools all over the world. We know a successful program when we see it. It was evident to us that you have a success happening at Kenilworth.”
Duane “Digger” Carey, former NASA Astronaut

“I am blown away with what I have seen at Kenilworth today. I see a model school in the making…great partnerships, parental engagement and a dedicated staff committed to the education of our youth. I know there will be many great community leaders coming from Kenilworth, Keep up the great work!”
Councilwoman Donna Collins-Lewis, District 6

“Thank you for the opportunity to visit with your students. They were very sharp, inquisitive and interested in learning. Kenilworth is a bright spot in the education system of our parish. We are all lucky to have dedicated professionals like you working with our children.”
Councilman John Delgado, District 12

“I have been quite impressed by the presentation about Kenilworth. I am inspired by the potential that is being realized by the students. Clearly, this is a wonderful collaboration of administration, faculty, parents and student body.”
Rev. Fred Jeff Smith, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

"I congratulate Kenilworth for being selected to present at the NSTA STEM conference. As a charter school, Kenilworth has the flexibility to focus its curriculum on STEM studies, and it is apparent that this approach is working. Student test scores are rising, and more students are performing at or above grade level."
Caroline Roemer Shirley, Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools


"I am proud of the work Kenilworth students have done; they have a bright future ahead of them. It's good that Kenilworth is taking the extra step with these students to get them interested in science. We need more good students to go into scientific fields."
Dr. David Weindorf, LSU AgCenter

"Kenilworth students’ accomplishments are nothing short of amazing and show the world that we are developing some of the best minds in science fields right here in Baton Rouge. I couldn't be more proud that their innovative ideas not only benefit current students, but will also help them achieve their own dreams."
Melvin L. "Kip" Holden, Mayor-President


"Kenilworth is a great success story. The school was in academic decline before it was converted to a charter, and we've seen a real turnaround. This is a great example of how the charter process is supposed to work, and I look forward to seeing more great things from Kenilworth."
James D. Garvey, Jr., Vice President, Board of Elementary and Secondary Education


"Kenilworth is one of the most impressive charter schools in our state. Every year this school and its students keep ‘knocking it out of the park’ and raising the bar even higher. Keep up the great work! LAPCS is always happy to support!"
Sarah Vandergriff, Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools


“I am very pleased with my son’s progress at Kenilworth. I really appreciate the phone calls, text messages, and parent access that Kenilworth offers to keep me informed about my son’s grades and progress.”
Kamby Carrell, 7th Grade Parent


“I am very satisfied with the middle school experience my child has had thus far.”
Annette Walker, 8th Grade Parent

“Staff is awesome.”

Dylphenna Tolbert, 7th grade parent

“I really like Kenilworth because they have the system that calls parents to let them know what their child is doing in school.”

Lisha Shelton – 6th grade parent

“The teachers at Kenilworth have really helped my son. He is doing a lot better in all his subjects and they work with him. So, he understands what heis doing and his grades are better than ever. Thanks Kenilworth staff for supporting my son and letting him know he can do it.”

Tiffany Selmon – 7th grade parent

“Kenilworth is a great school. I have seen 100% improvement in my child’s studies and behavior.”

Summer Farmer – 8th grade parent

“I really like my child being at Kenilworth because the teachers really work with the kids, the teachers also keep parents update on what their children are doing in class.”

Lisha Shelton – 6th grade parent

“My son really likes the school. He has been pushed in studies.”

Daniel Gilpin – 6th grade parent

“We are very satisfied with the academic progress our grandchild has made at KST. We are very satisfied with the teachers and staff. We love the different program and activities that make learning more fun. We feel that he is safe at KST.”

Alma & Lawrence Thomas – 7th grade parents

“My children love this school. Their teachers are always there to help them out, and support them. There is so much support with this school.”

Christopher Trosclair – 6th grade parent

“Thanks for being the school we always wanted. Continue moving forward and making sure the school stays above, always.”

Margaret Green – 6th grade parents

“Great coaches, teachers. And, I love how they push the kids harder to learn their best. Special thanks and love to coach Smith, wonderful loving person.”

Renee Perry – 6th grade parent

“My child has attended Kenilworth since 6th grade, and we have a great experience all three years. School has had a great effect on my child grades for the past three years, and has changed her perception about school.”

Claudine Daigre – 8th grade parent

“I love this school.”

Jonelle Rabson – 6th grade parent

“I think Kenilworth is a good school as far as the way curriculum is taught and their discipline plan.”

Gladys Bowser – 7th grade parent

“The overall experience at Kenilworth has been great this year. So far I have nothing but good things to say about the school.”

Tiffany Droke – 6th grade parent

“I am very pleased with the teaching staff and the wonderful progress my son has made as a child with learning disability”

Rosalyn Johnson  - 6th grade parent

“My child has strived since attending KST. In doing so, I have been satisfied and impressed with the overall academic environment at KST.”

Cynthia Poree’ – 8th grade parent

“Thank you for teaching my child. She is doing better in school.”

Quantia Walker – 6th grade parent

“I love this school. My kids grades have really improved.”

Jonetta Robson – 7th grade parent

“I am very satisfied with the middle school experience my child has had thus far.”

Annette Walker – 8th grade parent

“Lovely school. Teachers keep you ware of academics changes and procedures.”

Keywanis Johnson – 7th grade parent

“At Kenilworth, my child seems to understand her subjects more. She experinces a lot of things that are interesting to her such as band, science fairs and art. The teachers seem to be patient in helping the chidren learn.”

Mary Stewart Hall

“ I am very satisfied with my son’s progress at KST. Thank you all for providing my child a safe and productive environment at KST.”

Reesie Miles – 6th grade parent

“Great school! They also keep me updated and informed on everything. They also allow access to all academics materials online any time. Great communication from the teachers as well.”

Andrea Hicks -6th grade parent

“ I am very pleased with my child’s academics progress at KST.”

Angela Sanders – 7th grade parent

“I would be so happy if Kenilworth had a high school.”

Troy & Wanda Walger – 8th grde parents

“ I am very pleased with my son’s progress at Kenilworth. I really appreciate the phone calls, text messages, and parent access that Kenilworth offers to keep me informed about my son’s grades and progress.”

Kamby Carrell – 7th grade parent

“Kenilworth is a very good school. The teachers and staff put forth the extra effort to help students achieve academics goals.”

Onida Selders – 6th grade parent

“My daughter’s experience at Kenilworth has been a great one. I would recommend to anyone. The learning environment is great.”

KaShanta Harris – 8th grade parent

“I would like for my child to stay at Kenilworth”

Dorotyh Bindon – 6th grade parent

“We are satisfied with the school. All the teachers are very kind and responsible. We don’t have any issues so far.”

Anand Muthiah – 7th grade parent

“I am extremely happy with Kenilworth. Since my son has been attending this school, he has remained in good academic standing, I have not had a reason to be concerned with is safety, and he loves attending the school.”

Kerica Jones – 6th grade parent